Service Line



Laptops and Desktops: Full Service of hardware and software on all PC makes and models. 

Hardware:  Component level repairs including Motherboards, Video Cards, Charging Circuits. Full component replacement services (LCD Screens, Keyboards, Pointing Devices, Ram and CPU Upgrades, Power Jack, Audio Jacks, USB ports and more!) Laptop Hinges, Cosmetic Repairs, Firmware Flashing.

Software:  Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal, Operating System Reinstallations, Backup and Data Migration, Data Recovery, Software Installations and Configuring. 


Game Systems: Full hardware service of all popular gaming consoles and handhelds.

Sony Playstation 3, Sony Playstation 4, Sony PSP Series, Microsoft XBOX 360, Microsoft XBOX ONE, Nintendo Wii, and DS Series Portables.



Pro Audio:  Mixers, Rack Mount Gear, CD Players, Pro Audio Computer Systems and DAW's, USB and Firewire Interfaces, Digital Recorders, Tape Recorders and ADAT's, Stomp Box Modifications, Firmware Flashing, Electric Guitar Wiring and Setups.

THE WIZ is the OEM for Artisonic Pro Audio Electronics and Cables



Tablets and Portable Electronics: Full Hardware Service of All Makes and Models

LCD Screens, Digitizers, Charging Jacks, USB Ports, No Power, No Display, Headphone Jacks.  MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, Android Software Services.



Business Services:   On Call, Onsite repairs for Downtown Milwaukee Businesses!

Laptop and Desktop Hardware Repair, Document Repair Procedures, Large Lot Hardware Repair, Network Device Integration, Printer Repair, Small Network Maintenance and Administration, Wi-Fi Setups, Website Design and Hosting Services, Quickbooks Assistance and Custom Integration. 



Home Theater Electronics:  Home Theater Systems, Bluray Players, Stereo Systems, Projectors, Boomboxes, DVD Players, CD Players, Home Theater PC's.




Design Services: Website Design, Graphics Design, for small business, musicians, artists, professional services and more. Custom Small Circuit Design




HDTV's and Monitors:  All Makes and Models 70" or less, No Cracked Screens!

No Power, Blank Screen, No Video, White Screen, Lines on Screen, Flickering, Powers itself off,  Broken Jacks, No Audio, Overheating Issues.



Network Services:  The Wiz custom Wi-Fi Routers, Installations and Support.




Security Camera Systems:   Configuration and installation of security camera systems for residential and commercial businesses. 


Slide Projector Service:   Servicing most major brands of slide projectors, Kodak, Bell & Howell, VIvitar and more.